5K Course Map
Start Time: 7:30am

Did you know? A 5K= 3.1 mi. 12 laps on a track, 6,000 to 7,500 steps, approximate 50-60 minute brisk walk.  This race will have all walks of life. Feel free to walk, run or do a combination of both. Yes, there will be some competitive runners on the course. Prior to race start, our race director Bruce Baerwalde will ask what approximate time you will run it in . Those who are the fastest will be allowed to move to the front. Don’t feel like you can’t keep up. Our walkers usually get in around an hour.  We ask that everyone be in the parking lot by 7:00 to ensure an on-time start.

Make your plans to take the family to breakfast. Every year we find the local restaurants filled with smiling families living the full experience.

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