5K Ruck Course Map
Start Time: 7:45am

One of the hottest millennial family fitness trends today is rucking.

American soldiers have been doing a simple fitness activity since the American Revolution, and it’s turned our military into the fittest, most feared fighting force in the history of the world.

That activity: rucking, or walking with a weighted pack on your back.

The activity gets its name from “ruck sacks,” which is military talk for “backpack.” “Rucking” is marching or walking while wearing your ruck sack (which is always loaded down with gear). For the SDC, If you weigh 150lbs or less 15lbs.  151lbs+ 25lbs. This could be a weighted back pack or small child. You will start right behind the 10K runners and take the running 5K route. Participates get medals and shirts but NO awards for this division.