The Strawberry Distance Challenge (SDC) We allow any non-profits to use the SDC as a fundraiser for their cause. Each runner/participant must sign up individually on the registration site and sign off on waiver. Everyone gets a shirt, bib number, and are eligible for the awards and giveaways. Once a person registers, they receive a confirmation email which leads to a link into each of the fundraiser’s pages.

This is how it works and is set up.

First, contact

Secondly, gather your logo, pics and information about your cause and charity and send it to us via email. You can also set up teams and place videos on your fundraising page. We will verify your request and follow up with you.

Thirdly, We will assist in creating your team registration page.

Start recruiting your organization to get signed up and start filling up sponsor forms. We have a form that can be customized if you would like to use it. Sponsor Form These sponsors are not the same as the overall corporate race sponsors listed below. These are sponsors the individuals walking/running solicit to sponsor him/her. The organization keeps 100% of these proceeds after the registration fee.

Finally, your organization can recruit your own overall sponsors for the SDC. You can find our sponsor opportunities on the sponsor page of this website or Sponsorships. Our arrangement with you will be 70/30. Your organization will keep 70% of the proceeds of overall company/corporate sponsorship. We will need be part of the process once you’ve secured the sponsors so we can get their logo and provide them with all that we promise to do such as a presence on the web page, newsletters, logo on shirts, etc. Checks will need to be made to The Youth Alliance. This will ensure tax credit. We will issue your organization a check back at the award’s ceremony.

The following is a letter used to solicit corporate/company sponsorship. Feel free to copy and use. 

Dear Organizers,

Strawberry Distance Challenge (SDC) has been in the Plant City community for nine years and grown in popularity and choices. Last year we had nearly 650 runners, and our goal this year is to reach 1,000. We offer a one-mile fun run for kids  and a 5K, 10K.

We’ve determined to make this a run open to any organization wishing to raise funds for youth in our community. Previously when we’ve marketed the SDC and dropped promotional cards at other 5K’s, we would come across schools and organizations trying to put together a successful run to raise funds for their cause. Because it takes several thousand dollars of fixed costs for such an event, many of those efforts lasted only one year and folded. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to put on an event, come up with an idea and then pull it off.

So our thoughts were to pull organizations and schools together and give them the opportunity to raise funds for their cause under the efforts of SDC. The SDC’s cause is to benefit The Youth Alliance in projects here in Central Florida. The Youth Alliance is a non-profit organization that does character ed, motivational, and anti-bully talks in schools. More info can be seen at

How it works:

  • Fundraising worksheets are created, either by yourself or by us if requested, for students to use for soliciting sponsors for the run/walk
  • Each participant must register by paying an entry fee to SDC and sign a waiver required by the insurance company
  • Students and participants then go out and get sponsors, and all monies raised through individual sponsorship goes to your organization.
  • Group, corporate or company sponsorship is also available with a 70/30 split with SDC, meaning your organization will retain 70% of those profits and 30% will go to SDC to help with expenses of the event. The deadline for this sponsorship is Jan 30, 2018 so we can include them on our T-shirts.

We are approaching all local schools, youth groups and civic youth programs with this same opportunity. It’s a win-win, all while having a lot of fun and making money for your organization. Other perks include all participants receive a free T-shirt, medal and awards for 1st-3rd place, and winners for each category receive a free Strawberry Festival admission ticket.

If interested, please contact me at 813.719.0244 or

Thank you,
Mike Nelson

** We have had a long-standing relationship with a great group of sponsors: Astin Farms, I-4 Power Equipment, New Generation Tees, The Strawberry Festival, Jarrett Scott Ford, Southern Grass Masters, and Highland Packing.