The Strawberry Distance Challenge is dedicated to raising funds for youth charitable organizations while raising the positive impact of exercise and fitness in Central Florida. We encourage a lifestyle of fitness.

A Little About Our Charity

Youth Alliance  The Youth Alliance (TYA) is an non profit organization doing  anti-bully, choices presentations all over the country. We believe that your community’s greatest assets are not in its buildings, but in the students themselves. We have committed our lives to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. Our goal is to assist in building better students. Today’s generation is facing unparalleled hurts, pressures and choices. If we can heal those hurts, help in times of pressure and equip students in their choices, we will have better students and a positive school atmosphere. We share with students often, “You can’t change your past, but you can change your future.” With all that students are facing, we must give them hope.

Our message to at-risk students will be encouraging and motivational. We will challenge them to strive through their obstacles and not become another in a long line of school drop-outs and underachievers.

This and other fundraisers help us go where there is little or no funding to sustain such programs. Our family nights are highly successful in uniting the community also.

The Leadership Team:

Mike Nelson: Logistics: Mike is a daredevil at heart. Leaps tall buildings in a single jump. Rarely sleeps because it’s overrated. He loves a challenge and will work at it until he wins. He loves all sports! He is COO for The Youth Alliance. The Youth Alliance (TYA) encourages and equips individuals to discover and apply their talents and abilities. It comes alongside to help break barriers and inspire youth and families to a commitment of personal achievement. TYA is a non-profit that also partners with other community-based organizations around the world to promote success. and

Bruce Baerwalde: Race Director: Bruce is life long runner who has a passion for fitness and the community. Bruce is married to Sunni. They have four children together. Bruce is Senior Vice President of McKibbon Hotels. He is the guy behind race management and race day coordination.

Peggy Nelson: Registartion: Peggy is an organizing machine. She enjoys spending time with her grand babies, reading, going to the beach and shopping. She works hard to keep things moving smoothly at all It’s All Good Events.